Christmas Traffic Trance

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Sunday, December 26, 2010 at 5:53 PM

This is the time of year a trance falls upon the North Texas area. Fortunately it only last for a month or five weeks at the most. None the less it is very serious while it is with us and one that I feel I need to inform you of.

The name of this condition is: The Christmas Traffic Trance. This occurs each year in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at times lasting up to the New Year. Seemingly nice, well educated, and civil people fall victim to this trance. It might be your mother or grandmother; it might be your son or worst of all it might be you. As a community service project of simple/truths I would like to give you some symptoms of those under this trance so that you can decide if you or someone you love has fallen into this emotional state.

Here are the traits of those under the Christmas Traffic spell:
• They are in a hurry. They might be going to the grocery store but they are determined to get there as quickly as possible.
• They forget their manners. They honk, they yell and well they do thinks that cannot be talked about in a family devotional. It isn't pretty.
• They are very angry. For some reason the slightest mistake on your part can put your life in peril at the worst and get you yelled at in the least.
• They are extremely aggressive. NASCAR has nothing on the highways of Dallas this time of year. People are making moves that even Jeff Gordon wouldn't attempt. Don't get in the way or you are in big trouble.
• They have serious memory loss. They forget what the speed limit is, they forget what a blinker is for, they forget to slow down in bad weather and they forget that there are other people on the road.

If you or anyone you love has these symptoms put down your laptop and immediately call for medical and emotional assistance immediately.

From my perspective the main reason for this condition is the added pressure of the season. Pressure has a way of changing us not only behind the wheel but also in our spiritual life. Let me provide some ways to beat the pressure.
• Slow down. Don't pack your schedule with too many activities. Streamline, do what is important and say no to the rest. You will find yourself in better spirits if you do this simple task.
• Be nice. Go out of your way to be courteous. There is a whole world out there running around like crazy, your good manners and spirit will make an even greater impact this time of year. A simple how is your day or thank you will travel far all year long but especially now. (manners is a lost art that needs to be revived)
• Cool your jets. You are probably under extreme pressure everywhere you turn. You may very well have to be dealing with people you do not like to deal with or don't have to very often. The people around you may be pushing your last button. Don't give into anger, walk away or maybe take a long walk. Pray for peace even if it is a very short prayer; prayer is the key with this one. Don't lose your good witness by letting pressure make you into an angry person no one wants to be around.
• Remember the reason for the season. Don't forget this is all about a savior being born; God with us. A time to worship and celebrate the greatest gift of all. Point your focus toward the savior and you will find little trouble dealing with all the activities of the season. As a matter of fact you might find yourself enjoying them more than ever before. Spend time in worship, the songs and spirit are great this time of year, don't forget to keep the main thing the main thing.

Pressure can make different people of us all and not just during the Christmas season but all year long. The answers that help resolve it are always the same; slow down, be nice, stray from anger and most of all keep your eye on the Savior.

John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” New American Standard

Dear Lord, speak to our hearts, help us to be rightly focused not only this time of year but all year long. Have us not to be shaped by the pressures of this world but shaped by a very real love for you and what you desire. We ask these things in Christ Name, Amen.
all simple/truths are written by richard harris

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