The Mississippi/Gulf Coast

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 6:10 PM

Over the last six weeks I have traveled from St. Louis Missouri to Brownsville Texas. These journeys have taken me from the heartland of the U.S. to the most southern point in Texas. I have been privileged to see many of God’s great creations; two of my favorites have been the mighty Mississippi and the ocean at South Padre Island. Neither of which I had seen before.

The Mississippi is the working man’s body of water. Nothing spectacular just slow and steady. As I stood next to it for the first time I was impressed to watch the water flow. Not rush and no rapids, where I was at anyway, just a steady obvious powerful movement southward. I picture the Mississippi as the person who goes to work every day, puts in their eight hours then goes home and takes care of business there. They don’t call in sick or take unnecessary days off. They are dependable, not flashy or showy, but without them work would grind to a halt in this or any other country.

They are the Sunday school teacher that stays at it for years or the teacher dug into the trenches leading our young people. You know them as mom, dad or grandma or grandpa. They are the under appreciated but absolute necessary in society.
That is my take on the Mississippi.

The gulf coast well that is another matter totally; it’s all about sizzle and making a splash. No doubt it has movement just like the Mississippi but friends, you know it. The waves pop against the shore without fail day and night. There is a noise that though it may be relaxing is inescapable. The ocean is not sneaking up on anyone and my guess is it has no intention of doing so.

The ocean is the singer with the wonderful voice, the salesman that demands attention with his personality, the speaker who speaks eloquently or the writer who tugs at your emotions with the written word. They and those like them are exceptionally gifted.

They can be depended on for entertainment, amusement, moving emotionalism and great worship. There God given gift is meant for the masses; not to be hidden. The ocean is no less dependable than the Mississippi; it has a routine, sneaks inward at night then moves out in the daytime. Yet it is more spectacular in its routine. Such is the same with the gifted, while sitting beside you in a quiet moment they may seem subdued but when their moment to speak, sing, sell or inspire comes they are in their element doing what God has blessed them to do. In front of the crowd is where they belong; it is as obvious as a roaring ocean.

The Mississippi and Gulf Coast are both bodies of water but are entirely different. That is how God made them. Such is the same with each of us; we have the same Creator, are human beings but each of us are unique.

The world is made special by the fact that we are all different yet same. How boring would this world be if we had not only the same creator but the same personality and gifts? What fun would that be?

What a wonderful God that made people who could sing beautiful as well as moms that love and sacrifice for so many. How equally inspiring is the one who day in day out gives his best in what we consider a common job as well as the speaker who moves us with their words and drives us into action.

There are times that the Mighty Mississippi might seem a little under appreciated or the Gulf Coast might seem taken for granted, may it never be. May it never be for you either; never and I mean ever take what it is that God has gifted you to do or the place He has positioned you and feel like you are less than some other.

You are a unique creation of God; steady or splashy you’re important to Him and to the rest of us as well. Keep flowing through life because much like the Mississippi and the Gulf at one point we will all end up meeting in the same place.

Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank you that you have surrounded us with beauty and special people to make our life more meaningful. Lead us to use the gifts you have given us to not only gain satisfaction in our own life but to point others to you. We ask these things in the name of Christ, Amen.
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