They Don’t Know What?

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Friday, May 21, 2010 at 2:28 AM

I enjoy reading the paper and one of my favorite areas is where they take a good citizen from the local schools and give a profile of them. I like to see what good kids are doing these days, and by the way there are many of them.

In these articles they ask questions that give insight into the young person’s life and they give short answers back in return. Some are biographical in nature like where do you live and what school do you go to.

Then it shifts gears and ask more personal questions like what are you favorite hobbies or what is your favorite subject in school. As you read the more personal questions you start to understand what this person is all about.

Recently I was reading one of these articles and found a very interesting answer when it came to the question of what do people not know about you. These answers are normally some of the more interesting; like I play the piano or I was born in Spain or my parents were in the Peace Corp.

This day’s answer speaks to us all. When asked what people do not know about you; this good kid gave this answer: I am a Christian.

I wonder if the same could be said of us.

If someone asked us the question what do people not know about you could being Christian be your answer? We have to be careful with our answer here. Extremes on both sides will get us into trouble.

There are two sides, both extreme and neither productive. There is the stealth plane Christian and the Loud Christian. The stealth plane Christian fly’s under the radar without being detected. His actions fit in with the world around them and if you guessed if that person was a Christian you would have trouble getting it right. They get along with the crowd because they are a part of the crowd. They never challenge anyone who might question what they believe and they rarely stand up and defend the faith. They go along to get along and never make waves. There is a country song that explains this by saying; you’ve got to stand for something or you’re fall for anything.

Then there is the loud Christian. This is the person who is constantly beating people over the head with their Bible. They think that offending everyone and what they believe makes them a better Christian. You can be right and still act wrong. These folks have all the t-shirts, they go to all the conferences, they know all the scripture and they know all the answers; unfortunately there actions do not match how Christ called us to live. They are indeed loud but unfortunately the noise of their actions screams louder than what they know. It is a mixed distasteful message.

Balance my friend, balance.

Jesus was the picture of balance. He stood against the wrong of the church in his day by running out the money changers and challenging their man made religions. He was not fearful about confronting sinful behavior but did it in such a way as to lead people to God instead of away. (Big difference here) He showed compassion on those that were hurting not by simply preaching to them but by reaching out and loving them. He met the needs of the needy and took a stance for what he knew was right, even though it took him to the cross.

Your favorite subject in school?

You’re hobby?

Are you a Christian? What do those around you say?

Scripture: Matthew 5:16, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, help our lives to be good testimonies of your love to the world in which we live. Help our actions tell the story of your love and redemption. May our hearts be filled with love, forgiveness and compassion; help us to speak as you would and to find the right balance of actions and words. We ask these things in the name of Christ, Amen.

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