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Golfers: Need Perfect Conditions

The Repairman

Pushing Buttons

Going Fishing

The God of Every Circumstance

A Solid Anchor

Tooth Fairy Theology

Stuck at a Shut Door

Living with Urgency

Spiritual Karate

Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Dopey, Happy…

Undeserved Daffodils

Truly Rich, Among the Rich

The Uncommon, Common Man

When Mission Control Changes the Plan

Locked in a Cemetery

Where is the Signal

9 Minutes and 23 Seconds

The Forgotten Sign

Relieving the Pressure

Some Good Bet’s

Where’s Your Hideout?

The Perfect World

The Magnet Man

Cap’n Crunch verses Cheerios

Thank God for Role Players

From Tears to Joy – It’s a Short Ride

Tears – They’re Welcome Here

The 74 Skeeters

Stop Looking, It’s Right There!

Without Carrying a Gun

A Closing That Speaks

The Road I Would Least Like to Travel

To Really Die

What Can You Live Without?

God’s List

A Busy God

Who Are These People?

The Gift of the Harmonica

Resolving to Have Resolve

Jesus is Missing

The Temptation of Christmas (Cookies)

Drawing Names

Just Lights

It Is Never Over

Looking Behind the Curtain

Google Thyself

Getting a Belly Full

Something for Nothing

What is going on here?

Looking at the year in Rear-view

Cruzin with Santa

Who can you really trust?

Put a Steeple On It

One String of Lights

How is Your Favorable Rating?

That’s a good question

Baby Jesus is late!

Island of Misfit Toys

The Right Response to the Wrong Action

Why Don't We Just Dance

Blowing Fuses

Trees, Trees; Everywhere Trees!

My Adventure Book

Thank God for Pneumonia

Unfathomable Forgiveness

Learning to Walk

I Choose Us

Tiz was 44


Where Are They?

Jaci V.

Did I Really Say That?

The Destructive Force

You Will Play Like You Practice

Be Careful Life Can Be a Wreck

Staying Just a little longer than the rest: pays off!

On the Outside Looking In

23 Flavors

2 and ½ Hours

Richard + 2 Preschoolers + Super Target = A Hard Day’s Work

Turning on the Switch

Civil War

Knowing No Boundaries

Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow: Not Guilty

Making the Garbage Man’s day!

Stay Away from the Edge

Need a Purpose?

The Trophy

Happy Hour

Going to the Wrong Home

Up in Smoke

The batteries out on the scales; aw shucks!

Heard any good Hymns lately?

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Stunting Your Growth

Give Em Another Chance

16 Words That Make a Big Difference

The Construction of Life

A Day of Refreshing

Looks Good; Taste Great-Not Really

Days That Make Your Stomach Hurt

When in Strange Places, Be Careful Who You Follow

You Can Forgive- “If You Choose To.”

Sesame Street Theology

Losing Other Peoples Stuff

‘She Taught Us to Stand Tal'l

Let’s Go Swimming

Now What?

The Real Battle is Life Not Baseball

Good Giving/Good Receiving

The Heat Index

The Felons Dilemma

Take the Test!

They Don’t Know What?

The Disability of Choice

Truth or Consequences

Dr. of Hope

Who is on Your Resume?

Taco Bell: It did not go so well!

Amazing Facts

Working on His Game

Mac and Grace

The Endless Tank-Ends!

Garage it’s a Wreck

A Lesson of Thanks at Walgreens

A Hard Heart is Hard on You

25 Million Reasons to Live?

A Man of Many Pardons

Following the Wrong Leader

Finding Yourself Weak

A Freefall

Cleaning Out the Closets

A Spark

Acting Out of Character

All Things

Bill Buckner

Cleaning Out Complete


8 Days 12 hours and 31 Minutes

Drawing Names

Acting Out of Character

Everybody Needs a Wave

Everyone Should Have an Extra Chromosome

Executive Worship

First and Goal to Go

For Goodness Sake

A Christ-mas Truce


From Tears to Joy

Best Idea

Digging Up Bones

Gated Lights?

Growing Weeds

Helpless in WalMart

Her Heart—His Hands

Holding Things Loosely

Home Plate

Getting In and Out of Shape at the Same Time

Hope Springs Eternal

How About a Little Rain?

If it is Broke…Fix It

It Is Never Over

God’s List

It’s a Gas!

Jesus is Missing

Everybody Has One

Just Lights

On your Knees?

Lifeguard on Duty

Guilty or Not Guilty

Man of the Year


More Than a Ceremony

Getting off the Island of Misfit Toys

My Hohner Harmonica

No Way He’s 70!

Google Thy Self

Old Haunts

On your Knees?

Pardon Me the Prince is Born

Pierre or Is It?

Red and Yellow

Same Medicine, Different Color

Responsibility of the Gift

Making the Right Point…With Grace

Proverbs: The Common Truth About Friends

Romans 12:15

Be Happy

Simple Truths

Stop Looking, It’s Right There!

Real Hero

Storm Watchers

Swallowing Your Pride at the Thrift Store


The Award Goes to…..

The Community of Chili’s

Taking Out the Trash

The Center Ring

The Good Side of Crutches

The Harmonica

The Great Thief

The Prickly Porcupines

The One You Will Forget

Temptation on Isle 3

The Good Things

The People You Need

The Road



Without Carrying a Gun

Where Is A Good Friend When You Need One?

You are Incapable

The Terminex Man

Who are These People

Tis the Season for a Smile

The Rules Never Change



The Temptation of Christmas

The Top 100?

Where is the Fruit?

You Don’t Say

Unconditional Love

The Pharmacist That Delivers

Winning the World

Your Mug Shot

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