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Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 1:49 PM

Over the last week we have looked at giving thanks for the simple things in life as well as the difficult. Today let’s turn the corner and talk about one more thing before I let it go. The good things, what do we do with the good things? If God calls us to give thanks in all things, and He does, then we also must obey scripture and celebrate the good things.

If you went to many churches and listened to our prayer request you would think being a Christian consisted of being either sick, out of work, getting divorced or any number of depressing subjects. Though these subjects deserve our prayers and attention, what about our praises, should we not mention those. Giving thanks in the simple daily things is having a good spiritual attitude, giving thanks in ‘all things’ is spiritual maturity and giving thanks in the good things is finding true spiritual joy. Put these three together and you have spiritual balance.

Let me give you an example of celebrating the good things in life. If you were with me during the summer you know that I coach YMCA baseball. Though I have coached two sports for over ten years I have never had a year like this one. The boys worked hard, the parents were cooperative and had a great spirit. On top of all that we won, it just all fell in place.

We won all of our games except one during the regular season and then marched through the playoffs and found ourselves in the championship game. It was a good game and with the game coming to a close we found ourselves one out from a championship, my first in ten years of coaching. The first for many of our players and their parents as well, it was an exciting moment. I could never tell you how much fun I had during this season and not all of it had to do with winning.

To make a long story short the last player struck out and we were indeed champions. The first person I found was the first baseman, my son. I wanted to congratulate him for his hard work and accomplishments because I love him. Then I turned and looked for one other figure, an assistant coach. I had a good friend who had agreed to help us and indeed he had been a great help. I turned and saw him coming at me with a big smile on his face, we shook hands and grabbed each other, it was a special moment. When the good things happen, you want to celebrate it with the ones you love and so I did, and so you should.

Too many times we leave celebrating to the outside world when God would have us to do otherwise. Christians should be the most celebrating people there are, not in any way that dishonors God but in a way that gives him praise for special moments. You might say oh it was just a ballgame, sure I admit it is not life changing stuff but for me, my family and my friends it was an exciting moment, I say let the party begin.

What are you waiting on anyway? Are you only going to celebrate marriages, graduations and births? Are you waiting for the big stuff, stop waiting, rejoice each and every win with those you love. If you wait too long your miss all the fun. Celebrate every birthday, every first fish caught, every time someone gets a drivers license, raise or promotion. It might be a quite moment at home with your family or with a group of friends, it doesn’t matter, just be people of praise. Find a way to give thanks in the ‘good things.’

By the way if someone ask you why you’re celebrating tell them God told you to.

Scripture: Romans 12:15,Rejoice with those who rejoice; morn with those who morn.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Open up our eyes that we might rejoice when you work a special moment into our life. We thank you for giving us beloved family and friends to share special moments with. We ask all our request in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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