The Terminex Man

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 1:40 PM

One of my pleasures during Vacation Bible School at my church was being able to go by and pick up a few children who live in our area. One in particular was named Jason and he was what I call a pistol. Full of life, joy and excited about Bible School. Those of us who picked him up enjoyed his enthusiasm.

Jason touched me more significantly with something he said one night then with his overall enthusiasm. I had the opportunity to meet Jason’s dad and he seemed like a really nice guy who happened to work as an exterminator for Terminex. I knew that because he had his truck parked in the drive way, sharp aren’t I.

One night Jason jumps in the truck and without any prompting started telling me what he was going to do when he grew up. He said I am going to work for Terminex, drive a truck and get 635 dollars every Thursday. I smiled, seems like Jason had a plan and he already knew when pay day is.

Being that I am the great nephew of one of the most famous exterminators in my home town I thought that perhaps that is not such a bad thing. As a matter of fact I can even remember traveling around with my dad as he worked for my uncle during the summers. I never wanted to be an exterminator but I can tell you I did want to be like my dad and that is what got me to thinking.

Men and women we need to be very mindful of this fact. We are very important to our children and in ways we don’t even notice. We have great influence, far greater than we even realize most of the time. We worry about sports stars and movie stars when in reality the real people who influence our kids the most are those who live with them on a day to day bases.

Jason did not say he wanted to be a baseball player or president of the United States, he said he wanted to be an exterminator and why? Because that is what his dad did and he loved his dad, simple as that.

With that thought in tow there is a question we must ask ourselves and that is are we living our lives in such a way as to influence our children in a positive and Godly manner.

A little evaluation would go a long way. Are we making God a priority? Are we making those who look up to us a priority or have we filled our lives with things, some good things perhaps, but things none the less that take away precious time for those who are most important.

Perfection is not what I am talking about here. Who sold us the bill of goods that says we have to be superstar Christians to influence our child. Kids are much more forgiving than we give them credit for. Forget the books by the great authors for a moment and focus on the reality of your life that takes place day after day. It is there in the trenches that you have the most influence for God for the next generation.

You say oh that can’t be the truth, kids look up to people who can really sing or who can throw a ball 100 mph. I beg to differ and I know a Terminex man just around the corner who is living proof.

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us as parents to have a love for you. Have us to be careful and real in our relationship with you and them. Help us to keep a proper focus on the people and places that are really important. Check our priorities Oh Lord and help us make you number one. In the name of Christ Amen.

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