Who are These People?

Posted by Richard Harris | | Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 1:39 PM

Over the last five years something suspicious has been happening at my house. I strongly believe that someone, while I was not looking, reached in and replaced my three older kids. What so good about there under cover work has been the fact that they have replaced these children with ones that look just like my own. Very interesting and very sneaky.

They think they have me fooled but I am on to them now. I am a little slow to catch onto things but I do get it after a while. These supposed children of mine are now 21, 19, and 17 just for reference. Here is what has tipped me off to this replacement program. They do things I would never dream of doing. Let me explain.

For my sons twenty first birthday as well as for Christmas he requested, received and enjoyed getting power tools. The only power tool I can think of in the Harris household for the last 23 years is the electric toothbrush used by my 9 and 6 year old. I have absolutely no interest in tools of any kind much less ones that have the ability to cut my finger off. There is no way a son of mine would want a power tool and even know what to do with it. Even more suspicious is that I have watched him and indeed he does know what he is doing. Hey they can’t fool me, this son is an imposter.

Then there is my daughter of 19 years. Her hearts desire is to be a nurse. From what I can tell nurses hang out with sick people, taking their temperature, giving shots, taking blood and that is the stuff I can write about in a family devotional. My stomach gets queasy just thinking about people getting sick much less cleaning up after them. I know this can not be my daughter because I remember holding her down when she was 6 or so when the doctor tried to give her a shot. I thought I was wrestling an alligator. Yes indeed these imposters are fooling me no longer.

What about my 17 year old, well I caught onto to this guy real fast. Last week he goes to, are you ready for this, guitar lessons. The words Harris and music are rarely heard in the same breathe. None of us can play a lick, especially the father, unless of course you include that harmonica Matt got for Christmas. Now I am watching some guy walk around my house strumming on a guitar. It just ain’t right; no rightful kid of mine is going to be playing an instrument. Yes, indeed I am on to them, my real kids are missing.

Or are they? God created us in his image. Each of us are special in his sight and have gifts that were created only for us. There is only one you, nobody else.

Yes, unfortunately for my kids they do have some traits of mine but they are not me. We do well when we remember that each child is different, they are individuals created in the image of God to do works he has set aside for them. When we remember this it is easier to release them into the world. Keeping this in mind also helps us to have patience with that child that does not conform to our way of thinking. God just may have set them up different than you.

As we keep in mind that each of us are different yet special it should allow us to let our children explore different interest. I love sports but not every one of my children will love sports as I do. Maybe they want to play the harmonica or guitar, maybe they want to write or volunteer with the handicap. Let em try, give them a chance, how else will they discover who it is God created them to be.

Power tools, guitars and nursing, what’s next? Only God knows and I am glad, its fun watching His image grow.

Scripture: Genesis 1:27, “So God create man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them.”

Prayer: Dear Lord, we rejoice that you chose to make us special, we are thankful you have a place for us to be and a gift for us to use. Help us to listen to your voice and follow your directions so we will be where you want us to be. Be with us as parents and grandparents to allow our children the freedom to be who you have created them to be. We ask these thanks in the Name of Christ, Amen.

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